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Britannia is a Cambridge teacher training centre. In our Ipanema branch we offer the DELTA course for English teachers who seek an international qualification.


DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Britannia is a Cambridge teacher training centre. We offer the DELTA course for English teachers who seek an international qualification.


Delta module 1 focuses on the background to teaching and learning English in a range of contexts. Content areas: · Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching · Different approaches and methodologies · Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems · Language skills and learners’ problems · Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning · Key concepts and terminology related to assessment Delta module 2 focuses on classroom experience and practice. There are 35 hours of input and candidates have to write assignments and teach a number of lessons under a Cambridge tutor’s supervision.


In module 2, candidates are assessed through their performance in giving lessons and results in written assignments. Results are awarded as Pass with Distinction, Pass with Merit, Pass and Fail.


DELTA courses take place in one of our Britannia branches, where facilities such as computers with full access to internet and interactive whiteboards in the classrooms are available. For further information, please e-mail: da@britannia.com.br


Raquel Oliveira

An unknown author once said, “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” Inspired by this thought, I recently decided to apply for the DELTA. When choosing a DELTA prep course, the most important criteria for me included the academic credentials of the institution and how well the content and design of the program met my needs. And I found more than that in Britannia. I met many awesome Deltees and tutors who help me understand the principles of language teaching and applying those principles in my real practice. By going through this experience, I learnt that teaching is a profession in which one is always learning. The unknown author was absolutely correct.

Jamaina Villela

I joined the DELTA group last August, and so far I have been learning a lot and having a blast. The professors are highly qualified, they also give all the support we need in order to go through it. I am sure my teaching practice will be better after this course.

Vanessa Eve

Having been a teacher for five years, I felt it was time to delve deeper into the principles of teaching in order to gain a better understanding of how learning takes place in the classroom. Undertaking the DELTA course has allowed me to do just that. Not only is it providing me with greater understanding and knowledge of the theories and practices that lie behind second language acquisition but it is also making me rethink my own teaching and providing me with a wider range of techniques, which will undoubtedly result in my being a better all-round professional.

Silvia Pantoja

I strongly believe that taking the Delta course is essential to succeed in the Module 1 exam. However, this is not the only positive thing about it. In fact, the best thing about taking the course is the changes it has brought into my classes, all the sessions and discussions with other teachers have been really profitable. I am a better teacher than I was a few months ago when the course started, and I am very optimistic about the test. Of course, I am already looking foward to modules 2 and 3.